Ford Trucks Help Bring Fresh Food to Detroit Public Schools

In the city of Detroit, just like in Philadelphia, farmland is scarce, but we still need fresh vegetables as part of a healthy diet. Eating right is important through all stages of life, but never is it as critical as it is for growing students.

"A hungry child can't learn," says Zaundra Wimberley, Farm and Garden Program Director for Detroit Public Schools (DPS). "Learning, and what you eat, and nutrition is all tied together."

Fortunately, in the past several years, Detroit Public Schools have been bringing in locally-grown produce from places like Drew Farms, a 4-acre farm right in the city. The farms run by DPS to grow local food also use locally-produced trucks to operate.

"Here in Detroit, Ford is a sense of pride," Wimberly says. "We have an entire fleet of vehicles and they're all Ford vehicles." Ford Motor Company was founded in the outskirts of Detroit in 1903.

Need help growing your own food? Whether you're working a big farm, or tending a few raised bed gardens, a new Ford truck from John Kennedy Ford Conshohocken will get the job done right.

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