Ford's Portable Wind Tunnel Technology Promises Quieter Cabins on New Models

If there is one thing Philadelphia-area drivers look for when choosing any new vehicle, it is a silent cabin. Whether you find yourself amid honking and loud engine revs in standstill traffic, or you are cruising along the highway at full speed, you want to know that you'll have peace and quiet behind the wheel.

Full-sized aerodynamics labs used for testing noise levels inside vehicle cabins are building-sized, cost upwards of $50 million, and are expensive to operate. Ford assembly plants around the country must ship their vehicles to one of these labs -- a process which can take weeks.

What if the wind tunnel could come to the factory instead?

Ford is the first automaker to design and implement a portable wind tunnel, constructed out of two shipping containers. It uses two fans to generate 80-mph wind, replicating highway conditions. The wind tunnel can be delivered to the factory, and unpacked in hours for on-site testing.

This means more testing can be done before a vehicle is launched, and if any adjustments to the assembly process are required, the manufacturing team is right there to discuss and innovate solutions with the noise engineers.

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