My Dad’s Ford Super Duty is Better Than Your Dad’s Truck!

Do you own a truck or do you own a Super Duty? A truck gets you to and from work. A Super Duty gives you the power to "Own Work" and "Own Life!" Cool gadgets can be very useful in a number of ways. Your Super Duty is kind of like a Swiss Army Knife. You have a number of great features on it. You have the basics, plus LED lights in your bed. It does not matter if it is night-time, you have lights assisting you. You also have a "spot light" on your Super Duty. How many trucks can say the same?

You have "Lane Assist" when you are driving down the road. The steering wheel will actually "vibrate" to wake you up from your slumber. Can you beat that? No. Your wife does not need to wake you up, when you have the Super Duty. "Own Work!" Visit John Kennedy Conshohocken to schedule your test drive.

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