The 2017 Ford Explorer is for People On the Move

With you living such a busy life, is it any wonder that you don’t have an SUV that can keep up with your high demands? The 2017 Ford Explorer is just that type of vehicle that can handle the toughest of terrain without a second's trouble. Everything about this model is new and better than ever before. What was a good SUV, Ford went and turned into a great SUV and changed the SUV game.

One look at the inside and you will swear it is not a Ford. The details that have been placed in the interior are mind blowing as there is a whole new world to get used to. One of the big advancements is the use of SYNC 3 technology. This allows for less time being distracted and more time focusing on the actual driving of the vehicle. Come in today and see what the Ford Explorer can do for you and your off-road needs.
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