Maximized. By Design.

The 2017 Ford C-Max is a vehicle made for performance. With its impressive visual features and technological advancements it is sure to wow even toughest critics. The C-Max has great safety features too. Fuel efficiency is maximized with this sleek, sporty Hybrid, and it is more spacious than the competition.

This economical car is fun to drive, and it also offers you real time updates about the driving performance. Did you know that when you drive the C-Max it recycles its energy? that's right, and it is all done through regenerative braking! Up to 94% of the energy is reclaimed and stored for later use.

Lets talk horsepower. The 2017 Ford C-Max is the leader in the Hybrid world when it comes to horsepower. It can reach up to 85mph in all electric mode. This car is not what you would visualize when you think Hybrid. It is a sleek, sporty car that looks great and drives even better, but you have to drive it to believe it. Come down to the showroom and take the C-Max Hybrid for a spin today!
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