2017 Ford Edge Transforming Lives

The Ford Edge is a great micro SUV for small families. It is small and safe. It carries more room than a typical small car. If your family is tall, the Ford Edge will fit them much better than a typical vehicle. The Ford Edge was designed with comfort and affordability in mind. At $28,950, it is in reach of a middle income family budget. It will give you decades of enjoyment if cared for well. The Ford Edge is a car for America's families. The Ford Edge is also economical. It offers a hybrid option.

Our dealership wants to make your life easier by providing quality vehicles at a low price. We can inform you about deals on our Ford Edge fleet that other people are missing. If you want to learn more, make sure that you contact our friendly staff soon. We can put you in touch with someone at our dealership who knows our Ford Edges well.
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